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internal additive type anti-static electric agent

  • Model No.:TB-31
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features



Mixing type for Resin and Rubber
TB-31 is an internal additive type anti-static electric agent for resin and rubber.


[ Properties ]
Appearance: Powder
Color: Light Yellowish white
Ingredient: Anionic surfactant
Softening temperature: About 60~70℃


[ Characteristics ]
1. Good anti-static effect can be obtained. (For example, the surface resistant of
around 109 - 1010 Ω)
2. TB-31 has high resistibility against heat.
3. TB-31 can be mixed with resin and rubber very easily
4. TB-31 can be applicable to resin and rubber.

[ Application ]
TB-31 is mixed at about 1.0 to 2.0 parts against 100 part of resin or rubber. The mixing volume of TB-31 differs by the required effect and the formula of resin or rubber compound. Therefore, preliminary test is recommended to find the suitable
mixing volume.

[ Packing ]
10 kgs / carton