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TB-31Mixing type for Resin and Rubber TB-31 is an internal additive type anti-static electric agent for resin and rubber. [ Properties ] Appearance: Powder Color: Light Yellowish white Ingredient: Anionic surfactant Softening temperature: About 60~70℃ [ Characteristics ] 1. Good anti-static effect can be obtained. (For example, the surface resistant of around 109 - 1010 Ω) 2. TB-31 has high resistibility against heat. 3. TB-31 can be mixed with resin and rubber very easily 4. TB-31 can be applicable to resin and rubber. [ Application ] TB-31 is mixed at about 1.0 to 2.0 parts against 100 part of resin or rubber. The mixing volume of TB-31 differs by the required effect and the formula of resin or rubber compound. Therefore, preliminary test is recommended to find the suitable mixing volume. [ Packing ] 10 kgs / carton

DODEN #6(liquid)

Anti-Static-Electric Agent DODEN #6   DODEN#6 is a newly developed anti-static electric agent for acryl resins and rubbers.    [ Properties ]   Appearance: Slightly yellowish viscous liquid Ingredient: Special cationic surfactant Solid content: 100% Solubility: Soluble in water, alcohols, Bthyl cellosovle, MEK etc.   [ Characteristics ] 1.       Excellent anti-static-electric effect can be obtained even at low humid condition. 2.       The anti-static-electric effect will last long. 3.       DODEN#6 is 100% effective ingredient, so the mixing volume is very small and very economical.   [ Application ]          DODEN#6 is mixed at about 0.5-2.0% in resins or rubbers. ●     The mixing volume differs by the required effect and the type of resin or rubber compound. Therefore, preliminary test is recommended to find the suitable mixing volume. [ Packing ]  18 kg /can [ Origin ]  Japan


What are P-80 Temporary Rubber Lubricants? P-80 Lubricants are unique assembly aids. They are specifically formulated to provide temporary lubrication that makes rubber easy to install, remove ,or otherwise manipulate. P-80’s temporary nature is a result of its chemical composition. The lubricants provide a high degree of lubricity when wet, but because they do not contain any silicons or other persistent ingredients, once dry the slipping action goes away. P-80 products are also free of petroleum distillates, so they will not dry, crack or otherwise harm rubber parts. P-80 is compatible with most metals, plastics, and natural and synthetic elastomers. Also available in incidental food contact formulas!