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Olefmer AW68
Description Olefmer AW Hydraulic Oils are premium quality, high viscosity index, anti-wear hydraulic oils. These oils are formulated to lubricate and protect hydraulic system operating at high pressures and temperatures. They also offer antifoam protection, rust protection, anti-oxidation, excellent demulsibility and filter ability. Olefmer AW Oils have been tested and approved by major pump manufactures and are used in both mobile and industrial equipment. They specifically meet the req
sun lubeway 32 and 68
Description Sun Lubeway 32 and 68 are formulated from high viscosity index paraffinic base stocks and special additives to satisfy the dual-purpose demand for a common hydraulic and slideway oil. These products combine the anti-wear and anti-foam properties of a hydraulic oil with the extreme pressure properties of a way lubricant to protect hydraulic components and way surfaces.   APPLICATION Sun Lubeway 32 and 68 are suitable for use: ◎   In machine tools requiring dual-purpose hydraulic/way o
DOS ◎ Product Name      I  DOS ◎ Chemical Name    I  Di-2-ethylhexyl Sebacate ◎ CAS NO.               I      122-62-3   DOS is a sebacicacid ester of 2-ethylhexyl alcohol. DOS is an efficient plasticizer withexcellent compatibility for PVC. DOS provides excellent flexibility to resinsat low temperature and low volatile. DOS provides viscosity stability and airrelease pro

About Us

Chou Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is established by Chairman Mr. Hsu in 1985 (The 74th year of the "Republic Era".) The most four important goals of our company are “quality”, “profession”, “service” and “environment”. We have introduced many worldwide brands from America, Japan, and Korea. For example, there are Sunoco, Olefmer rubber process oil, Michang white oil in food grade and transfer oil, the cleaners of IPC, Paratherm’s heat transfer fluid in food grade…etc. We have cooperated with more than one thousand domestic / international companies, such as rubber factories, plastic factories…etc., supplying them highest quality ingredient of oil.

In 2009, we have introduced a high quality micking motor oil, to serve lots of domestic gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles and motorcycles. It has won all praise in ended users, especial in the maintenance technicians from many repaired stores.

We have established a branch company in Guangzhou since 1994. We also established an office in Taichung in 2008. We will try our best to work with our customers in order to achieve the spiritual of our enterprise, being a “more multiple, higher quality, innovative management” company. We will accompany with all of our customers, and have been a good partner with all of them.


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