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◎SUNDEX® SERIESA         Aromatic oils have a predominant number of aromatic ring carbon. Though dark in color, their high solvency(low aniline points) makes them useful as carriers and plasticizers. Sundex Oils are nonresidual asphaltic products, but extracts scientifically controlled to uniform requirements. Their high viscosity, low volatility, and high weight-per-gallon have value in many applications. As shown in the table below, they are avail-able in two viscosities.        Sundex oils require labeling as carcinogenic under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. These Oils are produced at Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Powerful purpose cleaners can be used to soak clean, low-pressure spray cleaning and other cleaning equipment low-speed stirring. Can effectively remove all kinds of dirt on the different surfaces. Especially for laboratory glassware, ceramics, stainless steel, and filtration membrane. For ultrasonic cleaning system is particularly effective. In line with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) health standards, it can be directly used in food processing machinery. (PH pH 9.5) 1% -2% in water NSF Reg No. 138251 (NSF registration)


Polar is coolant fluid in accordance with more restrictive industry requirements for anti-freezing protection of cooling systems on gasoline and diesel engines as well as all other installations with the same function as traditional heating plants or solar heating plants. Polar even if nitrite-, ammine- and phosphate free maintain unchanged anti-corrosion performance, does not present acidity and carry out protective action towards metals used for construction of cooling system. Polar contains special inhibitor, extremely stable both on low and high temperatures, which contribute to keep elevated protection performance against metal corrosion and rubber blowing as well as excellent anti-foaming and anti-calcareous properties.